Inspiring rpg games for your development project

Let’s inspire you to develop awesome rpg games

In this article we will go through some of the most awesome rpg games of all time and what we loved about them. Then also hopefully this inspires you when building your own rpg games. Later in the tutorial we will share some of our most useful rpg game development resources as well.

First we would like to mention is the original Pokemon Red and Blue Series.

  • Awesome story line of a kid from a small town going on to become an super powerful pokemon trainer.
Screenshot from a sign post
Screenshot from a sign post
  • Large variety of monsters which you can catch.
  • Excellent looking battle scenes.

Screenshot of battle scenes

Screenshot of battle scenes

  • Leveling up of your monsters is one of the most awesome features which gives you a feeling of progress in the game series.
  • Lots of different items which can be used in your quest such as potions, pokeballs (many variations), poison cures, paralysis cures.
  • Different types of pokemon which each have their strength such as fire,water, psychic and others which keeps the game interesting and requires a bit of a learning curve.
  • Badges as rewards for beating gym leaders keeps rewarding you for all the awesome pokemon you have trained.
  • A constant feeling of leveling up after each battle keeps you wanting to train your pokemon more and more.

The plot

You start out as a small town kid which has to go on a quest for professor Oak. You are to collect as many Pokemon as possible. Your rival Gary is constantly trying to outwit you as well as better himself in order to become your better. You travel through the Pokemon world collecting Pokemon. Battling Gym leaders to progress to the next town in your quest. Eventually you end up at the grand tournament. There are a few hidden items as you journey through the world of Pokemon. Which allows you to continuously explore and try find more items.

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